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Climate and Environment



  1. PhotoFloodwaters in Bogura, Bangladesh, near the Brahmaputra River, in mid-July.  



    The country’s latest calamity illustrates a striking inequity of our time: The people least responsible for climate change are among those most hurt by its consequences.

    By Somini Sengupta and

  2. PhotoBangladesh, above, is particularly at risk, along with Virginia and North Carolina in the United States, and parts of France, Germany, India and China.
    CreditMunir Uz Zaman/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images


    神奇女侠暴击蝙蝠侠 《正义联盟》隐藏彩蛋 - · 当然最让漫迷尖叫的是绿灯侠(Green Lantern)。 绿灯侠是一群拥有能量戒指和能量提灯的超级英雄的总称,能借助意志力将能量转化成实物和操控事实物。


    1. PhotoThe E.P.A. administrator, Andrew Wheeler, and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao in September.
      CreditWin Mcnamee/Getty Images



      The agency’s watchdog office said Monday it would investigate whether the reversal of Obama-era fuel efficiency standards violated government rules.

      By Coral Davenport and

    2. PhotoA work camp on the tundra near the site of the proposed Pebble Mine in Southwest Alaska.


      四六级:用翻译提升全科能力,come on!_北方号_北方热点:2021-3-3 · 原标题:四六级:用翻译提升全科能力,comeon!作者:新东方考研四六级大家晚上好呀~我是新东方小小明四六级分数已经出来10余天了几家欢喜几家愁下一阶段的四六级考试也要准备起来啦虽然延迟了考试,但是,早考晚考都要考那就先把最难的攻克下来吧四六级什么最难?

      By Henry Fountain and

  1. PhotoLantern吧


    As the pandemic rages, the world is still far from getting global warming under control.

    By Brad Plumer and

  2. PhotoLantern吧


    A New York Times analysis found nearly 70 environmental policies officially rolled back under Mr. Trump, with more than 30 rollbacks still in progress.

    By Nadja Popovich, Livia Albeck-Ripka and

  3. Photo


    NASA's new ICESat-2 satellite provides the most detailed look yet of where the continent is losing and gaining ice.

    By Lantern吧, Henry Fountain and

  4. PhotoLantern吧


    From the Bay Area to New Delhi, explore air pollution around the world.

    By Nadja Popovich, Blacki Migliozzi, Karthik Patanjali, Anjali Singhvi and

  5. PhotoLantern吧
    CreditJon Han

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    We know. Global warming is daunting. So here’s a place to start: 17 often-asked questions with some straightforward answers.



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  1. Where a Little Mortgage Goes a Long Way

    Affordable homes can be hard to buy because lenders don’t make much money on small loans. But programs to encourage homeownership can help buyers build wealth.

    By Matthew Goldstein

  2. Lantern吧

    Record high temperatures were recorded in Baghdad and Damascus, and experts warned of the effects of prolonged heat waves as the planet warms.

    By Falih Hassan and Elian Peltier

  3. Lantern吧

    It’s Summer. Let’s Talk About Hockey.

    Also this week, health benefits from cutting emissions

    By David Waldstein, Veronica Penney and Lisa Friedman

  4. Oil and Gas Groups See ‘Some Common Ground’ in Biden Energy Plan


    By Clifford Krauss and Ivan Penn

  5. Cold Comfort: France to Ban Heated Terraces, but Not This Winter

    The ban is part of a series of environmental measures meant to curb energy consumption and push the nation toward a greener economy.

    By Constant Méheut

  6. Lantern吧

    Pollution Is Killing Black Americans. This Community Fought Back.

    African-Americans are 75 percent more likely than others to live near facilities that produce hazardous waste. Can a grass-roots environmental-justice movement make a difference?

    By Linda Villarosa

  7. New York Today

    中华字经_国学_中国青年网 - · 《中华字经》一种奇特罕见的识字教材,是教育部语言文字研究所的一项“十五”重点科研成果, 4-6个月就能让幼童达到小学 ...

    Midtown Manhattan faces an economic catastrophe, a cascade of loss upon loss in the city's corporate heart that threatens to alter its identity. 

    By Mihir Zaveri

  8. The World Through a Lens

    [實用] 和清明節有關的英文表達 - 教育頻道 - 國際在線 國 …:god's lantern 神燈 memorial tablet 紀念碑 willow branches inserted on each gate 門旁插柳 online funeral網上葬禮 online tribute網上悼念 cremation urn 骨灰盒 mourning ceremony 哀悼儀式 inhumation 土葬 cremation 火葬

    The remote Isle Royale, tucked away in the northern reaches of Lake Superior, is one of America’s least visited national parks.

    By Tony Cenicola

  9. Lantern吧

    Forecasters predicted three to six inches of rain on the main islands, possibly contributing to flash flooding and landslides.

    By Bryan Pietsch and Christina Morales

  10. Lantern吧

    They’re on beaches, in parking lots and on sidewalks. You probably won’t catch the coronavirus from a discarded mask, but the litter poses a risk to the environment.

    By Marie Fazio


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